BLACK OXIDE: Barrel & Rack

Black oxide is a conversion finish that provides essential protection – and a distinct black coloring – to ferrous metals by creating a chemical reaction within them. The chemical reaction allows a protective coating to be formed without increasing part dimensions, dulling the part’s luster, or altering the hardness of the metal. Because black oxide does not actually apply a coating that bonds to metal, it cannot chip or rub off. Metal that undergoes black oxide conversion also receives two more distinct advantages: dimensional stability and corrosion resistance. After black oxide, parts receive a supplemental post treatment of a rust preventative.

Jackson Tumble Finish will work with you to determine the supplemental coating or after-finish required for your particular application. We may use water displacing oil, soluble oil, or wax depending on the length of protection required, desired finished appearance (gloss/matte), storage conditions (humidity, vapor, temperature), and the end use.

Black oxide conversion is widely used in machine tools, gauges, bearings and hardware, fasteners, automotive and furniture components, weaponry & gun parts, appliances, and in metal forming industries. Steel screw machine parts, forgings and stampings are commonly coated with black oxide. The black oxide process at Jackson Tumble Finish meets automotive and military specifications.

Black oxide reduces light glare and reflection, and may be considered a decorative coating. Not only does black oxide enhance the appearance of parts, it also improves lubricity, corrosion protection, and abrasion resistance, all with dimensional stability.

As the coating becomes an integral part of the metal surface, there is no peeling, chipping or flaking. Parts with black oxidation do not produce noxious fumes during welding. Black oxide does not reduce hardness. Black Oxide is an anti-galling surface that provides a lubricating layer during initial contact while work-hardened surfaces form.

Heavy, light, and a dry-to-touch options of organic and inorganic rust preventatives or inhibitors are available. Also available to this process is an extra step of SPIN DRY to remove excess rust preventative from parts with threads.


If a black oxide metal finish is right for your next project, contact Jackson Tumble Finish today. With a 60+ year history of working with some of the world’s largest industrial organizations, you can be assured that our commitment to providing the quality and service that you require is as strong as ever.


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