Both tumbling and vibratory deburr utilize abrasive media to remove excess sharp edges and burrs from stampings or other machined parts. The parts are placed into a vibratory machine that tumbles/vibrates and rotates the product in abrasive media. This smoothes rough surfaces and breaks all sharp corners on the product. Vibratory deburr is more suitable for parts requiring safe handling, such as camshafts and stainless steel IV stands for the medical industry.

JTF has several vibe bowls of various capacities and two horizontal vibe machines to handle many sizes and part configurations and level of abrasion needed.  They also utilize several types of media such as porcelain, ceramic, and compounds to provide you burr free surfaces with rust preventative options available.

Our process personnel conduct trials, as needed, to achieve the optimum finish according to specific customer quality and cosmetic requirements. We thoroughly inspect parts at every stage in the finishing process. Equipment manufacturers, from automotive to medical, know they can trust Jackson Tumble Finish with their most sensitive deburring, cleaning and cosmetic requirements.

Heavy, light, and a dry-to-touch options of organic and inorganic rust preventatives or inhibitors are available. Also available to this process is an extra step of SPIN DRY to remove excess rust preventative from parts with threads.


If tumbling or vibratory deburring is right for your next project, contact Jackson Tumble Finish today. With a 60+ year history of working with some of the world’s largest industrial organizations, you can be assured that our commitment to providing the quality and service that you require is as strong as ever.


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