PHOSPHATE: Barrel & Rack

Phosphate is a chemical conversion process that creates an insoluble lattice of crystalline phosphate on a metal surface. Once applied, the phosphate coats uniformly, is non-conductive and resists corrosion.

Zinc phosphating can extend the shelf life of your products in corrosive environments. By combining our zinc phosphate treatment with rust-inhibiting oils, wax, and other organic coatings, we can help your product withstand harsh conditions, such as up to 72 hours of continuous salt spray. Jackson Tumble Finish has the ability to coat heavy, medium, and fine grain zinc phosphate, along with black phosphate.

By aiding initial metal-to-metal contact, our manganese phosphate coating permits the rapid break-in of moving parts without abrading or galling. Plus, the oil held by the crystals improve lubricity of the treated surface and imparts corrosion resistance. Even after the break-in period is complete, a smooth and fine distribution of oil remains, assuring continued lubrication.
Calcium modified fine zinc phosphate is often used as an under adhesive in paint, rubber overmold, and organic coatings. The highly-absorbent phosphate crystals allow the subsequent coating to penetrate into tiny valleys and increase the total surface area available for bonding. The phosphate also insulates the base metal, improving corrosion protection and extending the life of the finished product.

Jackson Tumble Finish offers a zinc phosphate and stearate lubricant process for the purposes of severe drawing and/or heading operations. This process is very successful in enhancing the longevity of tooling and draw life applications. Other lube options are available upon request.

  • Cost advantage compared to other coating methods
  • Dry to touch lubricants can be added, creating less mess and satisfying a greater range of handling requirements
  • The ability to uniformly coat irregular product surfaces
  • A crystalline coating capable of retaining many different rust prevention methods
  • Corrosion protection; A surface capable of sustaining up to 72 hours of continuous salt spray (when partnered with the correct rust prevention)
  • Black phosphating, barrel or rack processed

Heavy, light, and a dry-to-touch options of organic and inorganic rust preventatives or inhibitors are available. Also available to this process is an extra step of SPIN DRY to remove excess rust preventative from parts with threads.


If a phosphate metal finish is right for your next project, contact Jackson Tumble Finish today. With a 58 year history of working with some of the world’s largest industrial organizations, you can be assured that our commitment to providing the quality and service that you require is as strong as ever.


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