Degreasing is widely used to remove contaminants on metal surfaces prior to applying a conversion coating treatment. The contaminates can include quench oils, stamping lube, silicone, lubricants, welding smut and residue.

As a vital step in a majority of parts manufacturing, degreasing/washing of components ensures that a product meets quality specifications. Typically, parts must be washed before, after, or between processes, and sometimes need to be washed at multiple stages. Degreasing/washing must be done prior to application of topical surface treatments or assembly.

A variety of washing systems are employed to meet specific washing and degreasing requirements. As a customer required verification of cleanliness, JTF utilizes standard Dynes testing to determine degrees of “clean.”

Jackson Tumble Finish has the ability to meet Specification CGA G-4.1 for silicone free oxygen, nitrogen, and various gas fittings.


If your next project is in need of degreasing or washing, contact Jackson Tumble Finish today. With a 58 year history of working with some of the world’s largest industrial organizations, you can be assured that our commitment to providing the quality and service that you require is as strong as ever.


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