Metal Conversion Coatings

Jackson Tumble Finish is a leader in high quality metal finishing. Based in the Midwest, JTF serves many industries, including automotive, heavy truck, fastener, agricultural, structural, recreational, military, medical, marine, appliance, furniture, and the plumbing industry. For each industry we serve, we are dedicated to satisfying all customer requirements.

The ability to build lasting, valuable relationships with our customers is just as important to us as providing excellent products and services. Our customer base enjoys profitable partnering with us due to our commitment to customer service, our competitive pricing and our experienced and highly trained personnel.

For over 60 years, we’ve worked to exceed expectations. It’s this commitment to excellence that makes Jackson Tumble Finish the best finishing service in Jackson County. We’ve worked with companies throughout Michigan and in the Tri-State area, as well as companies located across the US along with Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and Italy.

Our Commitment

Capabilities That Matter

Becoming a Strategic Business Partner with Jackson Tumble


JTF earned their reputation for reliability & trustworthiness by delivering consistancy in accordance with our quality policy; Our Best, On time, Always


One of Jackson Tumble Finish’s core values is maintaining 100% on-time delivery to all of its customer base.


Jackson Tumble Finish is committed to ensuring that all of our processes accurately meet your product specification requirements.


We maintain total process control from start to finish, in order to deliver accuracy in our end products.


From deburring to coatings, to packaging and delivery, we meet our customer's challenging needs by going above and beyond the ordinary.


JTF is completely equipped to handle any production run, from small quantities to high volumes as quickly as same day.


Time after time, Jackson Tumble Finish will fulfill your finishing requirements.


Our experienced staff assures the consistency of our services. They work directly with our customers to help identify and deliver their requirements.


Our exceptional team truly sets us apart. We are determined to get the job done correctly and on time.


Due to our high rate of retention, we have a highly skilled and well trained staff of specialists that allows us to be one of the best in the industry.


You can always count on Jackson Tumble Finish as being your strategic business partner being treated with fairness and transparency.


From the first contact to our completed product we are committed to fair dealings in every facet of customer interactions.

Who We Are & What Drives Jackson Tumble Finish

Meeting our Customer’s Needs

Jackson Tumble Finish was founded in an old feed storefront in l956 doing tumbling and hand deburring supporting one main customer. Over the course of time, the black oxide process was added. In the 1960’s the zinc phosphate process was introduced into the marketplace and added to our capabilities. Shortly after that, machine vibratory deburr was added. Expansions from the purchase of adjoining properties and the addition of new processes were developed based on the customer needs. The early 1990’s brought a new building and the development of a shot blast process.

Since 2000, the company has been changing its infrastructure from small, manual production lines to large, high volume producing lines to meet industry demands and a diverse array of industries. High quality processed parts with quick turnaround time service have become the company’s focus as well as becoming a solution orientated towards our customers’ needs.

Jackson Tumble Finish serves the following industries: automotive, heavy truck, agricultural, recreational, fastener, construction, appliance, marine, aerospace, and military. Our processes have been expanded now to encompass five forms of phosphate: fine, regular, heavy, calcium modified, and manganese phosphate; fine phosphate and lube, a full line of tumbling and vibratory deburr capabilities, black oxide, passivate-citric, brite dip, shot blast, and several forms of wash and cleaning. Cleaning processes have been expanded to now include not only stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, and cast iron.

Today the company still resides at its original site. The current facility is now comprised of 4 buildings and includes an impressive array of metal finishing processes. Sixty-six+ years later, Jackson Tumble Finish remains steadfast and operates with a high standard of customer service and flexibility to meet its customer’s needs.

An Old-World Work Ethic

As we have for more than 60 years, Jackson Tumble Finish delivers premier finishing services to our customers, assuring that they are always 100 percent satisfied. When founded, one aspect of the business stood above the rest: QUALITY. This is as important to us as it is to our customers. Our commitment to excellence allows us to establish loyal, long-term working relationships with local, national and international companies.

As our company grows, Jackson Tumble Finish is diversifying our capabilities. We work diligently to expand our knowledge base to new industries, including: automotive, heavy truck, agriculture, medical, military, appliance, structural, marine, recreational, furniture, plumbing and fasteners. We will continue to keep our ever-growing customer base informed and up-to-date as we acquire new technologies and expand our process capability base.

Empowering Capabilities

Jackson Tumble offers a wide range of services to a variety of manufacturing companies, but we also have a vital advantage based on our location. If you require an additional process in consortium with the scope of Jackson Tumble Finish, a rich manufacturing and industrial community of 350 such businesses found in and nearby Jackson, Michigan are here to serve you.

Jackson Tumble Finish has been awarded the National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBENC is the nation’s largest third-party certifier and uses a rigorous process to certify WBEs. For over 60 years, Jackson Tumble Finish has worked with some of the world’s largest industrial organizations. With the marketable WBENC Certification, Jackson Tumble Finish now has enhanced opportunity to grow and partner with new and existing customers; and expand their visibility with key, corporate decision makers.


We will exceed your expectations, providing an unmatched quality finish that’s backed by superior customer service.


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