Shot blasting is a precise and economical way to clean, strip paint, deburr and descale metal material. It imparts a uniform satin finish. The restored surface has been optimized for lube retention and other various topical coatings such as paint, plating, powder coat and adhesives. 

Shot blasting is one of the more environmentally friendly and cost effective finishing techniques. It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals, therefore clean-up and disposal problems are reduced. We can often recycle the material used in the shot blasting process.

Other advantages of shot blasting include:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Improves coating adhesion
  • Prolongs life of subsequent coatings
  • Removes heat treat scale and rust
  • Can be used for deburring
  • High blast pattern accuracy
  • Helps to reveal any surface defects or errors
  • Finished surface prolongs the life of coatings

Heavy, light, and a dry-to-touch options of organic and inorganic rust preventatives or inhibitors are available. Also available to this process is an extra step of SPIN DRY to remove excess rust preventative from parts with threads.


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