Processing Specifications and Capabilities


In over 60 years of history, Jackson Tumble Finish has worked with some of world’s largest industrial organizations. Because of this, we have built a vast portfolio of capabilities by adhering to all their well-organized, part-finishing specifications. We also operate to meet the needs of smaller companies, and will operate to their specific requirements as well.

The Jackson Tumble Finish portfolio of capabilities is constantly growing, as we have recently added two new processes—"Phosphate" and "Phosphate & End Color Identification Dyes." Phosphate is a substrate of Fine Grain Phosphate, covered with a controlled coating of Stearated Lube. This new process was developed for purposes of extreme drawing or heading operations, and also slows wear, extending the finished tool's longevity.

Automotive Industry Metal Finishes

Auto manufacturers rely on Jackson Tumble Finish for superior services and unsurpassed quality. We shine in the areas of problem solving and process customization, and we are cost-competitive. From high-end, highly-customized work to high-volume, routine processes, we have a solid history of over 50 years of serving the automotive industry.

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Ford Motor Company Metal Finishes

Located in the heart of Michigan, Jackson Tumble Finish has a long history providing metal finishing to Ford Motor Company specifications. These routine process specifications for Ford include phosphate and black oxide.

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Heavy Trucking Metal Finishes

For 20 years, Jackson Tumble Finish has been providing cost-competitive metal finishing for the heavy trucking industry. From passivation to black oxide, count on Jackson Tumble to provide the quality and attention to detail that you're looking for.

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Other Routine Process Specifications

General Motors Corporation
  • GMW-3179 (Codes A,D,G)
  • GM4435M (Codes A,D,E)
  • MIL-STD-171E
  • MIL-DTL-16232G
  • TT-C-490-E
Oxygen Service
  • Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service CGA G-4.1--2009

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